How You Can Beat the Debt Collector Without Hiring a Lawyer

Published: 30th May 2012
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Many people are scared of debt collectors. Some people have been a victim of harassing calls and other rude behavior of debt collectors who will do anything just to get payment from you. However, you can fight and beat them as long as you know what you can and have to do. You can even beat the debt collector without a lawyer.

Know the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is the first step to take if you want to beat the debt collector without a lawyer's help. Note that any violation of this act on the side of the debt collector is at your advantage.

Read a complete copy of the Fair Debt Collection Practices act. Under this act, it is illegal for debt collectors to use violence and even to threaten you. Your debts do not give them the right to use obscene or profane language, too. Additionally, they cannot publish a list of consumers who do not pay debts unless it is requested by a consumer reporting agency.

Communicating with the Collection Agency

Answer every letter from the collection agency. Ask them to provide details of your debt and a proof that they bought the debt from the original creditor in mail (do not accept fax or email). You may also ask them to stop all communication including calls unless they are able to provide what you ask.

If threatening calls persist, you can record it. Every time they harass you, they violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you would not need a lawyer to prove it in court.

Legal Actions

Do not lose hope when the collection agency decided to take legal action. There is a way to beat the debt collector without hiring a lawyer.

If you are called by a "law firm" representative asking how you plan to resolve the case, respond by saying that you are communicating with the agency and it hasn't provided a debt validation yet (if this is the case). They may tell their plans of suing you. They may even tell you that the debt collector does not need to provide what you're asking for. The truth is that they do and it's stated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

When you receive a debt validation, look for forgeries, missing information, etc. Search the list for your account if you received a proof of the original creditor sold accounts to the collection agency. Examine the names and signatures, too.

Always attend court meetings like any lawyer would. If you are lucky that you attend and the collection agency's reps and lawyers don't, the court may dismiss the case.

At the official hearing, you can show the copies of letters and proofs of their violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act like recorded phone conversations when you are threatened. Sometimes, you can even sue them for violating the said act and get some dollars. However, think twice before suing collection agencies because they can easily damage your credit report.

You can absolutely beat the debt collector - the person or agency whom (as they claim) bought your debt from the original creditor. You can beat them as long as you have communicated with them, kept all of their letters, recorded conversations and can show a proof of their violations of the act. Represent yourself well and you may even get some dollars when you sue them for violating the act.

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